Friday Fiction-The Hook

The Hook is a long-form (approximately 150k words) novel in the Horror Genre. Yes, I am the original author; this is not plagiarized. Yes, it is a complete novel; I have finished writing it and, except for maybe a few edits as I reread it, it is in its final form now. I post one chapter of it here every Friday. The following Wednesday, if I remember to, I post the same chapter at DeviantArt. So, if you follow along here, you can get the latest chapter a few days earlier than it appears on DA. New chapters will continue to appear here until August 28, 2015 when the last chapter posts.

On the other hand, if you follow the Amazon link, you can buy the whole novel as an e-book, so you can read it at your own speed — and that will cause me to earn money, so I can spend more time writing.

Trigger Warnings

One of my readers says I should put trigger warnings here. I don’t really understand why someone reading a book clearly marked “Horror” should be terribly surprised and dismayed to learn that, yes, it includes people getting tortured, mutilated, and messily killed, being out of control of their own actions, being under the control of hostile entities, getting raped, forced to interact with or become their own nightmares, being victims of domestic abuse, etc. I mean, if you have a trigger, I’ve probably hit it somewhere in this book. That’s why I called it “Horror.” So… you’ve been warned.


Another reader asks if I plan to revisit this world and these characters in a sequel. The short answer is, no I don’t. The longer answer is that I can’t think of many writers who have written sequelae to horror novels once those stories were complete, and I now know why.

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